Boris Ushakov

№1 Sports endocrinologist.
World-class specialist in sports and training, weight management and nutrition, endocrine and immune profile.

Systematic approach to your health

Recognition of health problems and determination of the treatment strategy
Endocrine profile determination and correction
Obesity treatment, body recomposition, muscle building, power metrics growth
Individual meal plans
Medical support for sportsmen of any class, preparation for competitions
Rehabilitation of endocrine profile after sports pharmacology usage
Easy fatigability and chronic fatigue treatment
Anti-age treatment, age-related hormonal deficiency
Autoimmune diseases

What you get

Systematic science-based approach
Coming to doctor Ushakov, you can be absolutely sure that he will take into account your health situation as a whole, not only the endocrine profile. The systematic approach is what allows to choose the best working treatment strategy for each patient making adjustments based on different factors and peculiarities.
Absolute confidentiality
Doctor Ushakov guarantees absolute confidentiality and medical secrecy. None of your data will be copied, shared with any third party or published without your written consent.
Trust and understanding
Having been working with patients for several years already, Boris Ushakov is known as a very communicative and friendly specialist who can get on with people of any age and social status. And making the communication most pleasant and easy for you is one of our top priority.

Diplomas and Degrees

The constant further education and self-improvement are one of doctor Ushakov's main priorities. Doctor Ushakov graduated from the Pirogov Medical Academy in 2011 and this wasn't an end of his education. He also finished several advanced training courses and is constantly working on his professional knowledge improvement.
Boris Ushakov is a trusted doctor of many professional sportsmen and champions and people who are far from sport. Individual approach and professionalism help achieve the result that you need and want. See the reviews from the real people.

How it works

The consultation is held remotely via Skype.
Before the consultation
Schedule and pay the consultation
– Undergo blood testing. Download the tests list for women, for men
Fill in the questionary via this link no later than 24 hours before the consultation
During the consultation
– Medical history and complaints collection
– Blood tests interpretation
– Treatment strategy discussion
– Individual vitamins and food supplements recommendation
– Individual daily calorie, proteins, fat and carbohydrates level calculation
– The explanation of nutrition basics and assistance with the calorie calculation application
– One-time reply to all questions about recommendations after the consultation

First time consultation
Repeated consultation
Meal plan
Personal meal plan based on your medical history and complaints, anthropometry data, activity rate, goal and individual peculiarities
First time personal training
Explanation and demonstration of science-based approach to training in your or mine fitness club - 60-90 minutes
Sportsmen medical support
one month with every day check-ups
How can I schedule the consultation?
How can I change the consultation date?